Top 3 objections in Network Marketing


It’s simple, Network Marketing is tough. I get it! However, I also GET IT…. I get that it takes time, I get that it’s more challenging than going to a 9 to 5 job, I get that it doesn’t become lucrative for a few years (should you get with the right company, but that’s another blog). I get it!! Problem is, most people DON’T! Now that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart enough too, it just means someone, at some point in time, burned them or lied to them or tricked them or just left them hanging.  It happens, mostly with bad leadership and sometimes it’s because the person who started just didn’t get it.

Let me give you a quick run down of a few things I hear all the time when building my Q Sciences business (shameless plug):

1. I am not a sales person

This one, oh boy, this one right here really gets me.  Everyone is a sales person!!! Look at the beautiful woman or handsome guy you are with, you obviously had to peak their interest somehow, that’s a sale! Ok, maybe that’s a little excessive, but what about your favorite movie, book, restaurant, or nail salon? You probably had an amazing experience and was so excited about it, you told everyone (or posted it several times on FB). That is a sale also! Everyone is a sales person, it just depends on what you are passionate about and that goes back to picking the right company.

2. I don’t have enough time

Ahh the dreaded, “I am too busy” mentality. Think of all the hours in your day. How much do you sleep? Do you nap? What about rush hour traffic (to me that is like sprinkling holy water on a vampire, I cringe every time I hear that word)? How about your favorite tv shows that occupy your evenings? The reality of every reality show you watch is you aren’t changing the reality you live in. <<< Huh?<<<  Ok, it might be for entertainment purposes, I GET IT, but still you are wasting several hours a week.

3. I am too broke to get started

Everyone is broke in their own rights. Even millionaires file bankruptcy but in all actuality that is just another excuse.  In my 16 years of experience, I have known hundreds of people who purchased a package with their company, and used that motivation to turn a profit because most packages are at a discounted price.  Think about how may purchases you spend on the credit card that aren’t necessary? What about the extra things you get “for fun” with your paycheck… It’s little items like that, that could be saved up over time.. Heck, what about fast food? Average meal for an adult is between $4.00 and $7.00. Add a family in there and you are running about $300 bucks a month for meals.  If you invested that $300 the first month, you could make it back plus about 10% to 30% more.  Then, you have the opportunity for residual income.  Imagine you made that $300 bucks every month. Who wouldn’t want an extra $3600 a year. Heck that could be a vacation! With Network marketing, they aren’t asking you to put in your life savings, spend 20 hours a day building, and give everyone you know a sales pitch. That isn’t how this business works… It’s doing a little bit, part time, so you can earn a little extra money. Eventually you will be able to earn a lot of extra money but that takes time.

So that is my top 3 objections! I am sure there are several more but these will be the ones you hear the most.  It’s all about helping people GET IT.  Learning that in just a few hours a week, you can hear enough to help your spouse stay home, or stop stressing over the water bill, or finally afford that vacation your relationship so desperately needs!

I encourage you to help those who you bring into this profession. Teach them that it’s not all about making millions because that will turn most of them away. It’s about giving them hope, relief, and a plan for the future.  If you manipulate them into thinking they will be rich beyond their wildest dreams then you are setting them up for failure and heartbreak.  Can they become rich, ABSOLUTELY, but only when they GET IT! When they see the magic in sometimes, then build the foundation part-time, and transition into full-time, that is when they will get it.  That is when they will over come their objections and continue to chip away daily at obtaining their dream!

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Dennis Smith 


What is your Point of View?

I have a quote here, it’s simple but can be powerful in its own right.  I am curious to see what your point of view is about this quote. Feel free to reply below, I’d like to hear it!

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” ~Confucius~








Dennis Smith


Make It Fit or Let It Sit?

1_puzzle-piece-620x349When you are building a puzzle, you don’t try to make the wrong pieces fit, you keep searching till you find the ones that do! That also applies to network marketing.  Now you probably say, ‘Hey, that’s a little harsh’ and in some cases you are correct but if you truly want to build a business, and be among the 1% of successful network marketers, then you will understand the concept.  You see, too often we, as network marketers, truly want (and I wholeheartedly mean truly want) to help everyone we bring into our business.  They are a piece of our puzzle, YES A PIECE and it is our job to fit them perfectly into our masterpiece.  We listen to their Why and find empathy in their story so we continue to help them.  It’s great in the first few weeks, maybe even months, but at some point in time, that puzzle piece should fit PERFECTLY into the overall design that you, their sponsor, mentor, and leader,  planned for them. Then, all of a sudden, the momentum dries up, their Why becomes clouded, and the amazing passion, story and focus they shared with you in the beginning begins to be covered in doubt, fear, and lost vision.  This moment, right here, is when the puzzle piece all of a sudden doesn’t fit.

In real life, when you are actually building a puzzle piece, you would set that piece aside, should it not fit and search out the one that does right?:? ABSOLUTELY!!! However, in network marketing, we continue to try and put that piece in that spot, that moment, that situation, and what happens when you do that, you begin to focus solely on making that piece work. You begin to lose focus on the masterpiece and focus more on finding a way to “MAKE IT WORK” Well, I am here to tell you IT WON’T WORK!!! Not right now any way… YES they are still a part of the master plan, but if they don’t fit into the plan after several attempts, then it might not be their time. You need to find the piece that fits right now, and continue to build the masterpiece and eventually, those pieces you put to the side will fit perfectly into your puzzle.

Dennis Smith

Tyler Perry Said It Best!


Tyler Perry Said It Best <<< Watch Video <<< Click hyper link <<<

I could go on and on about this topic, and I am sure there will be many times that I do however, I believe Tyler Perry explains what ALL LEADERS in Network Marketing try to get across to their teams on a daily basis.  Please take a moment to watch this video and you will understand how it applies to Network Marketing and making money, or success with your organization.

Dennis Smith