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I was having a conversation today about this with one of my leaders! How fitting I find this from Eric Worre:

Just a Decision Away

One theme keeps coming to my mind. All you need to go to the top in this profession is just to make a decision. That’s it.

You are just a decision away from being able to recruit. You are just a decision away from being able to build customers. You are just a decision away from being able to grow a large organization and go to the top rank in your company.

In other professions, that’s not true. You have to have politics, connections, incredible talent and skills, and education. You have to have all these things, but not in the Network Marketing profession.

In Network Marketing, the barrier for entry to the top is a decision. You just decide you’re going to do it, and then seek out the answers from people who have gone before you. And then you go make it happen.

You can go all the way to the top, if you’ll make a decision. I hope you pursue your potential inside of the Network Marketing profession.

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